The World of The Unmarried

This may or may not be an advocacy for the idea to stay single (if the force is strong with you), so please proceed with caution. It was in 2020 when the Korean drama series The World of The Married broke the viewer record as the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. The show… Continue reading The World of The Unmarried


We’re just turning a page into a new year. How’s your 2022? Mine was pretty much fine. Some struggles remain the emotional, physical, and financial. As well some people are consistently being assholes.  Having had no hints of excitement with a so-called resolution to begin, I found 2022 was quite a hopeful year. There… Continue reading 2022

A day in my life: Quarantine episode

The chronicles of endless yawn and a sign of boredom. 06:30AM - Wake up, yawn. My natural alarm normally sets off at 5AM. It has been a long week since we started the first day of quarantine. I stop counting how many days has passed. Feeling space out a bit, I turn my gaze to… Continue reading A day in my life: Quarantine episode

Writing (Mental) Block

A trying-so-hard approach of deconstructing the mind. The perfect is the enemy of the good.- Voltaire With all many grand reasons for me to writing and starting a blog (again), there's always a situation when I got hit by the feeling that this content might just a stupid idea. Depending on the goal. Starting blog is… Continue reading Writing (Mental) Block

Heavenly Escape

Successfully entered the ranks of Global Winners Luxury Wellness Spa category in 2017 for Heavenly Spa The Westin Resort Nusa Dua - Bali, of course I feel obliged to taste what spa treatments themed 'heaven' feels like. At least the Heavenly Spa version of The Westin Jakarta, which officially opened in February 2017. Not to… Continue reading Heavenly Escape