Hello there!

A self-proclaimed “City Girl” living her 30s life, based in Indonesia. A native Jakartan. 

By weekday, I am an “office lady”, juggling all priorities of a career in male-dominated field, and boring normal personal life, without losing my damn mind.

Like any dream venture, I’m bound to pursuing my ‘adult’ milestones that often leave a day of, as Thoreau said, “quiet desperation”.

We all have a basic need to belong and pursue a so-called happiness. There is an endless question about life. Sometimes we need a break and reflect our emotion to understand the peculiar content of our own minds.

Therefore, I write.

This is my playground as well as my self-contemplation platform to find life balance and stay in a good mood.



Feel free to drop a hello and get connected at itsagoodmood@gmail.com