A day in my life: Quarantine episode

The chronicles of endless yawn and a sign of boredom.

06:30AM – Wake up, yawn. My natural alarm normally sets off at 5AM. It has been a long week since we started the first day of quarantine. I stop counting how many days has passed. Feeling space out a bit, I turn my gaze to the window (sounds poetic), see sunlight coming in the gap of the wooden blind curtain. It warms me. Then heard my neighbour’s children playing outside. They steal my precious peaceful morning. Sigh. I don’t hate children, but sometimes their noise level can be more of a nuisance than a blessing. I do small stretching on the bed. Being half asleep, open the laptop and log in to office absent. Then my subconscious mind goes into self-monologue session that I should have better getting up early and do morning run. Or should I take a morning shower instead? How about doing a simple morning yoga? Hmm, maybe not. I lay back down and fell asleep. Laziness, you win again.

07:30AM – The phone alarm sounds. I need to get prepped for a weekly meeting with my colleagues in head office. We’ve still got more time, though. I’m so sleepy. Hitting snooze button. 

08:00AM – I got to wake up now. One hour left to the meeting. First, I check WhatsApp group on my office mobile, scrolling on an endless river of a few group chats, staying current with the conversation but no response needed. A very typical silent reader. I stretch up again. Looking myself at the mirror, oh my God I look so dreadful. My face looks so dull, blame Netflix series that made me often stayed up late. I take a quick shower, do a little makeup to hide those eye bags, put on a nice top. I prefer wearing white tees paired with yoga pants (nobody will damn notice). This is basically my work-at-home outfit. Just keep it simple. 

08:30AM – Clean out my bed. Clear surface clutter. I always keep my room neat, anyway. I don’t have lots of stuff scattered around my spaces. I continue checking and adjusting my laptop’s camera angle before the call started; we don’t want anyone at head office to spot on weird stuff at my room, do we? And always double check internet connection. The portable WiFi sometimes acting like an ass*ole.

09:00AM – Tokyo team check-in. I have a video call to reach out about a new project we’re working on. It’s investment stuff. I’m feeling excited but got to keep it low down. As low as possible. I’m a project leader, they said. But technically, I’m often in a supportive role; in other words, I’m just supposed to be helping head office team do the work. It’s always head office team who does all the original plan. Not a pleasant big surprise.

10:00AM – Pull my ass out to go to kitchen. Make a cup of tea to clear my brain fog and eat raw avocado for breakfast (or brunch?). I don’t necessarily take a full breakfast ever since I started my intermittent fasting program. During normal days, I take apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of warm water for 1st morning drink; it makes me feel energized until next meal. 

10:30AM – Back to work. I start following up a to-do list, clearing out my inbox, completing sales document. Once in a while, digging up random social news on the Internet. Today all the news is (almost) the same. COVID-19 figures surge sharply, pandemic grows, and many uncertainties remain. Then hitting messages to some friends and colleagues, just checking on how’s quarantine life so far or indulging in “trash” talk. Why not, it’s fun. 

01:00PM – I’m yet hungry. But I’m too hesitant to commute from bedroom to kitchen at this hour, for I might encounter my Mom asking me to help her cook. I don’t mean to be ignorant, but Mom, this work-from-home situation is not a vacation at all! *rolling eyes*

01:30PM – I finally have a proper meal. It’s actually a left-over breakfast my Mom made for everyone. No worry, it’s still edible and healthy. 

02:00PM – This is a crucial moment. Blood sugar punches after lunch. My eyes get heavier. I have a back-to-back call with a buyer. Typical sales task. Close the deal. That’s my priority. There’s one time I could gain a significant profit, but in other tough times like today, securing margin at 5% is good enough. Yawn.

03:30PM – I ticked off my to-do list. I consider today’s job is done. Not so much urgent to follow up now, my current workload is smaller than usual, and I can finish day up earlier. Some people need to stop obsessed with being busy. Breathing slash yawning. I stretch my back and ready to give my skin a beauty nap. 

06:00PM – I wake up to cursing WhatsApp Group notification sound. I take a deep breath and sit on my bed, lifting my hands towards the ceiling for small stretching in shoulders and chest. Open the laptop and start evening work session, focusing on reporting task. I always have this ‘weird’ obsession for being meticulous about a presentation deck. Last time I spent three days only for making five slides. *facepalm*

07:00PM – Hunger kicks in. I grab a quick dinner together with family. Make another cup of tea and resume working.

09:00PM – Roll out a yoga mat. I enjoy having night-time sweat sessions for online Yoga and Pilates class. At a moment like this, there are ultimately times for low-energy days and exercising less than I usually would. It’s hard not to feel guilty when I need to maintain my well-being during quarantine. But this is temporary, right? It’s ok to take it easier.

10:30PM – I used to take protein shake immediately after a workout. I opt for a plain, unflavoured protein powder. It tastes weird but feels healthier than others contain flavouring or sweetener. Whilst cooling down, I’m spacing out a bit in the dining room like for few seconds, scrolling on my phones to stay recent with the social media, then showering.

11:00PM onwards – Lay down on the bed. Take a sip of my hojicha tea (it’s less caffeine than the green tea, nice to consume before sleep). Unplug for the day. Checking Netflix and chilled around (side warning. If I ended watching Korean dramas, I might probably stay late again). Yawn.

Cheers! K.

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