Life Update: Corona Virus Silver Lining

The awakening of long-forgotten joy.


I had not planned to take such a long hiatus from my original plan to writing about a wellness journey. But yeah, sometimes life gets in the way, and I turned few plans into procrastination (and I’m not proud of it). Let alone some project issues on my day job got my inner feeling switched off, letting down my mood and changing focus. I feel like it has sucked all the creativity out of me..

Well, job is still tough. 

But now, almost 2 years later, I’m left wondering how to reboot my passion and get back onto writing seat when many ideas are flowing and words aren’t getting anywhere to tell.

Long story short. 1st quarter of 2020 has gotten off to a shaky start with one of the major headlines around the world, yet still ongoing and could get a lot worse, is the COVID-19 outbreak. This virus has affected many aspects of everyday lives, we are facing such an extraordinary existential challenge. Living in isolation could be the huge shift in defining what matters the most in our life.

Our values will change. Our lives and habit will change. And yet the ending is a big unknown.

Everyone’s at home might suffer anxiety and stress amid the uncertainty. Looking after your mental wellbeing can be a parallel crisis. I sometimes still terrified over loneliness and worried about dying alone. I know I am getting irrational here, and I don’t like it. 

I have been taking a full working from home over the past few weeks and trying to establish a routine to ground me. Well, it is not like a normal routine per se, but the challenge is to keep myself mentally sane, which pretty much highlighted by gluing to Netflix regularly; getting emotionally devastated over Korean dramas. The logic is dead, but I could not help myself craving for more episodes.

(should I share my list of Netflix worth to binge-watch here? 😊)

And, when the only outing is a trip to nearby mini-mart, I am already thrilled at just scrolling down and editing old travel pictures. My Instagram feed could tell!

Speaking of social media, it has come to our rescue to help us cope with the isolation blues. My Instagram is flooded with friends sharing their “new” talent and hobbies, such as becoming culinary experts (what’s with making dalgona coffee?), taking up viral challenges (I am done with TikTok. period), whilst others in YouTube turning to be pro content creators.  Move over Kardarshians, we are now keeping up with local celebrities’ vlogs. It is everywhere. Literally. 

Therefore, what this pandemic wrought is overwhelmed, nevertheless hilarious yet comfort in some way.

We may tag current situation as a nice “silver lining” to uncovering hidden blesses like lovely news of Sophie Turner and Gigi Hadid got pregnant (okay, not relatable case in normal “single“ life). I mean, there is potentially enjoyable thing in our daily life like those reflected on social media feeds amid pandemic. Which is to say, people are turning to creative means to stay connected and supported each other when everyone’s going through the same struggle. 

And my silver lining is finding a way back into the blog game.

Blog returns

It has been a while since I have truly written for joy, like reviewing a spa destination.

Until the stress that comes with my day job and the lack of time (and the mood…) making me a complete halt. Along the way, I couldn’t find anything worth sharing.


Becoming a local version of Goop.


Creating mediocre content. Budget hurts. Idea dies down. I got lazy, AF.

Needless to say, a wellness journey sounds like a pretentious plan for a starting point.

With so much free time in my hand now. This isolation could not be a more perfect timing to loosen up my writing muscles and get motivated again.

Writing is always my “play time”. The adrenalin from all the ideas running through my head so excited that I simply cannot wait to start. The next challenge is to figure out where to start and get all the ideas together to write.

When first started this blog, I intended for my content to be a personal wellness journey with a kind of “zen-ish” touch. As time passed by, I found this plan quite “intimidating” for a starting point, it takes a lot times (might as well costly) to create an interesting topic and collect the relevant references. Forming the backbone of a content that could become a “go-to” guide requires dedication.

I need to make a simpler goal.

My goal now is to start anything not overly complex, rather than a specific theme yet burdensome, especially when this brain is still rusty.

Getting into the right mindset

As we just started in. A writer said writing is like a romantic relationship. You might wish to start off with the grand gestures, then build-up that slow burn with ten minutes phone call every day.

I will put this saying to the fact that I will need to start off small, like writing down my thoughts and feelings freely. No need for a pretentious plan.

In a wander how far I will explore my inner-self, I discover three bottom lines to be poured into my writing purpose:

  • Self-reflection

Everyone, at some point in time, need to be taking a step back and paying attention to our own thought and emotions.

This writing will be a kind of “dumping out” my mind in a sense of life balance. It could be a self-monologue, reaching out fresh point of view to see the whole picture of life, no pressure of being right or wrong. Or, it could also be a day in my life, encountering random acts or simply surviving on a daily basis.

  • Self-knowledge

This is a part where I want to indulge myself in a comprehensive understanding often influenced by what I see, and I read, to the least. It is hardly a simple task, searching for a particular fact. Better, though, I present knowledge as pleasure.

  • Self-love

This will be sharing all my favorite things, whether it’s sharing a common daily practice, enjoying a day spa, satisfying stomach with ah-mazzing foods, exploring hidden gems, or (as many of people do) reviewing product features (if any). 

If all the plans arranged aims for building a relationship. We will see how this “hot date” would go to the next level.

Thanks to the pandemic.

And, what is your COVID-19 isolation silver-linings?

Cheers! K.

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