Heavenly Escape

Successfully entered the ranks of Global Winners Luxury Wellness Spa category in 2017 for Heavenly Spa The Westin Resort Nusa Dua – Bali, of course I feel obliged to taste what spa treatments themed ‘heaven’ feels like. At least the Heavenly Spa version of The Westin Jakarta, which officially opened in February 2017. Not to mention several tempting reviews from local media has awaken my luxury-seeker’s spirit.

Setting down on the 50th floor of Jakarta’s highest hotel building, Heavenly Spa The Westin Jakarta is suitably recognized as Spa with the view where each treatment room and facilities present a stunning view of Jakarta’s skyline, elevate my relaxation way up to a ‘heaven’ stage.

Strolling into The Heavenly Spa is like walking into a Michelin-starred restaurant. The lounge and treatment rooms are very elegant nuance with modern definition yet a classic touch of orchid decor. This luxurious placed together with the hotel’s pool and gym, all on the same level and dubbed as ‘Wellness Floor’. 

Some reviews said there is a female changing room completed with jacuzzi, a sauna and a warm pool to soak before or after treatment but unfortunately none of these facilities were informed and offered before my treatment begins. I only enjoyed standard facilities for a treatment room.

Well, moving on.

The must-try spa treatment of Heavenly Spa came in signature packages named Hope, Dream and Wish that each has its own unique approaches. But that day I signed up for their recent treatment of Red Wine Heavenly Massage promises to create a more youthful appearance. 

Science has long talked that drinking wine could be the anti-aging weapon. The rich concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols, including resveratrol, plays a role to fight free radical so adding it to a bath session would do to your skin, and that beauty legend Cleopatra is rumored to regularly bath in wine. Who am I to say no?

The treatment itself takes 90 minutes duration; 60-minute massage and 30-minute soak. Actually, I was disappointed with the short duration but lucky me they gave an additional 30-minute body scrub for new promo.

I was escorted to a spacious treatment room dedicated for a couple, and after I’ve re-emerged in a robe and slippers, my therapist, Ms. Teti, seated me in a chair for cleansing my feet then she asked me to choose three stones to hold with the symbol of Hope, Love and Gratitude. I sense of marketing gimmick here, but it works in a kind of holistic spirit. Function wise, it’s no use (except we could bring it home as a souvenir).

(I chose Gratitude, by the way).

As the massage was about to start, there’s a refreshing aromatic scent gently hits me when I already closed my eyes and my therapist guide me to slowly breathe, affectionately zenned-out me in such deep relaxing state while laying on one of the most comfortable spa bed due to its heating elements (hence hefty price!).

For massage technique, frankly nothing nears to such heaven skill, yet every step is very effective. Ms. Teti, my therapist, has the entire move to zeroes my tensest places (obviously shoulder and back) only in one long-hour duration. 

Moving to bath session.

The red wine was not poured directly into the tub but watered into my body as I soak in. In theory, this supposed to get all the benefit as the antioxidant properties penetrating the skin, and it was every bit as indulgent as you would expect. 

Well, don’t imagine it like you pouring a bottle of wine we are used to drinking. The formula uses an alcohol-free concentrate made from grapes to help protect our skin and improve collagen. Yet, the scent was powerful at the beginning. But slowly it will disappear. 

During my bath, my therapist brought me a tray full of healthy snacks such as cashew nuts, dark chocolate (with The Westin logo), raisins, ginger tea and lemongrass tea to complete the wellness ritual.

About the red-wine bath itself, this isn’t something new in spa trends and there’s still sceptical over the scientific claims, but this treatment can be something amazing for the spa-goer in Jakarta to look for. And, as that half hour I spent in the tub were some most relaxing and luxurious I have experienced by far.

Lying in a bath of booze and feeling vine…

So, how did it affect my skin? 

After two hours of treatment, my skin did feel smoother and look glowing for a day, but unfortunately the wrinkles would not magically stop only by a 30-minute red-wine bath. Like, duh…

Good mood level

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Well-mannered staff, friendly therapist with overseas track records (recommended!), free healthy snacks, city skyline view, and Instagram-worthy gimmick.

Incomplete amenities such as hair dryer or flat iron. This may be not essential to the spa services, but there are certain essentials that every guest has come to expect when choosing a 5-star service experience, especially for beauty treatment. Not to mention limited “inclusive” facility for a spa guest.

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